Our why

If your story is your sell and your sell is your story, then.
Punchline helps tell the story of you in as few words as possible.

Our co-design process unearths:

  • the first statement read on your website, your ‘what and your why’
  • value propositions, slogans, taglines and brand and company names
  • an internal company rallying call, a website content ‘North Star’ and touchstone

We call it your Million Dollar Message – because it is your authentic first most important story.

These crucial 2-10 (+) words shoulder an immense amount of heavy lifting within an organisation.

Because they’re the right words they provide a clarity of who you are, what you do, and why someone might care.


What we can do

Our ninja skill is refining your first most important story.

Punchline also writes web content too. Often this will be based on, and aligned to a client’s Million Dollar Message. Sometimes it expands a client’s present storyline.

We work in conjunction with other digital creatives in website and implementation, SEO, social media optimisation and distribution of other content such as blogs, white papers and infographics.

Punchline helps tell your story, succinctly, with soul and sell.

"We wanted a value proposition that differentiated us from the brown cardigans, as well as others around town. Invaluable insights and advice (and we do the other stuff too) firstly states to clients and potential clients we're about much more than historical beancounting & tax returns. It acts as a reminder of how we as a team must provide knowledge, not just numbers to our customers. We also like to think it shows we have a sense of humour too."

Anne Stephenson Managing Director, Connected Accountants


How we can help

Co-design your first story (and deliver)

  • Million Dollar Message
  • Subheading – specific explanation of what you do or offer, for whom and why it matters
    • Three
    • Bullet
    • Points

Content and copy for websites

  • Webpages
  • Video scripts
  • White papers, case studies, infographics, blogs

Science and technology writing and content

  • Explaining the complex in everyday language


“Our Wellington people had the pleasure of a one on one workshop with Peter Kerr 2 months ago. I’ll set the scene, our team of 3, a whiteboard, a craft beer each and Peter’s intrinsic understanding of how this process works.
Without even realising we were doing it, we had drilled down and come back to the essence of what it is our business is setting out to achieve. We stripped back the jargon and re-connected with the ideas and ethos that underpin the success of our organisation. ‘Delivering engaged workspaces through really clever furniture.’
We are fortunate to see Peter on a very regular basis and beyond his valuable business intelligence and excellent sense of humour, I welcome our frequent and robust discourse and being challenged to check in that we are living and breathing our tag line.”

— Emma Bell-Norris, Digital Content & Marketing Manager – Haworth by Europlan


Why use Punchline

Punchline’s process refines your story, and provides a clarity of understanding for your potential customers.

We understand your story is your sell, and your sell is your story. All our storytelling works to make it easy for customers or potential customers to say yes.

We understand business, we understand the power of words, we understand the beauty and value of a simple but authentic statement which tells people why you’re trustworthy and worth doing business with.

I'm very happy to recommend Peter and his skill in developing 'million dollar' messages. I was going around in circles trying to sort out my catch phrase for my website. Peter asked me some excellent questions which had me talking about my business & my vision. My 'million dollar message' flowed out of our discussion. Peter has saved me time and therefore money...it means I can get back to doing what I do well - helping others with their career.

Bridget Clark Director, Career Bytes


The BBQ test

The ultimate truth test of whether your Million Dollar Message is ‘on point’ is at a BBQ, when someone asks “what do you do?”

If, after expressing your 2 – 10 words they nod and get it, you’ve nailed your first, most important story.

“Our tagline wrangling session was, as Peter warned me beforehand, a real challenge. But refining our primary message to ‘Respectful. Respected. Recommended’ has helped focus all our communications efforts, including face-to-face discussions. It’s great too when our clients come back to us and say that’s exactly what they tell their own colleagues…that these three words describe exactly who and what we are.”

— Peter Ryan, Licenced Immigration Adviser, Capital Immigration Services


You don’t have to go it alone.

Million Dollar Messages are a challenge to unearth as they must convey One Central Truth around your offer. Through our stimulating “question-storming” and “metaphorisation” process we work with you to craft the words that tell people your what and why

We know this is difficult and it is why other writers shy away from attempting it.  If it was easy you wouldn’t need to call us.


Yes, we can unearth your Million Dollar Message by Skype

Though most often we’ll operate in the trenches directly with our clients to find their heart and soul and value proposition, we can do it remotely too. That’s because question-storming transcends distance, metaphors can jump a divide and refining your Million Dollar Message is about connecting minds, not being in the same room together.

Our Million Dollar Message for Connected Accountants:

"Invaluable insights and advice (and we do the other stuff too)."

connacc.nz Work sample

"Wondering if you could benefit from being part of Punchline’s question-storming process or specialist writing expertise? It starts with a conversation - get in touch."

Peter Kerr — Chief Simplification Officer

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