Your central truth is the message


Does your tagline convey your company’s central truth?

Indeed, do the rest of your messages, proposals and presentations underpin your business’s first story, which is what your tagline is of course?

Your tagline kickstarts your story. It does a lot of heavy lifting.

Your tagline must:

1. Provide an immediate understanding of your company’s purpose

2. Inform all messages across all channels

3. Support an internal rallying intent


In less than a sentence, does your tagline tell me what you do?

This is where advertising agencies get it wrong. They’re after another cabinet trophy for pulling something clever together.

But if the message doesn’t convey the central truth, what’s the use?

You have 2 – 7 words to be used, wisely.


How often do you open a conversation with your tagline?

Do people nod and go “aha”. Or do they furrow their brow and say “huh”?

If you believe One Central Truth needs to sit at the heart of all messages across all channels,  Punchline wants to work alongside you.

If you’re up for the challenge (and fun) of unearthing the One Central Truth for your story, Punchline wants to help you craft meaningful messages.

We’re Tagline Wranglers, the people who ask the right questions, who simplify without losing the essence, who unearth ‘what is your story’.

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