proposal, presentation, tagline writing

Punchline crafts million dollar messages for proposals, presentations, campaigns, brands and taglines. This first, most important message – essentially a very short story – has to do a lot of heavy lifting.

Our underlying principle in unearthing this gem is to use question-storming, in the trenches, with the client.  Question-storming works. Questions reveal understanding.

Unlike advertising agencies, Punchline doesn’t go away to be creative and brainstorm this message.

Brainstorming doesn’t work. Brainstorming attempts to jump to an answer. But what you are trying to do is create a story essence – and that can’t be achieved by dreaming up something in isolation.

A million dollar message can only have one central truth

Using Punchline’s million dollar message crafting process, clients can unearth the one central truth of what they need to say. The central truth isn’t the message – but clearly shows an understanding of the value proposition to be expressed to a specific target.

It is then, and only then, that creativity needs to come to the party.

Words, the right words, tell the story that reflect the central truth of your message.

A million dollar message preferably answers ‘why’ in the eyes of your intended audience:

  • Why potential customers need to learn more
  • Why your potential customers should care
  • Why your potential customers really should make contact, now
A simple message is difficult to find

A compelling message is a challenge to unearth, and can’t simply be brainstormed

Punchline helps create persuasive messages that matter.

We are specialists in taglines, straplines, slogans and escalator pitches.

We thrive in nailing the story behind a proposal and presentation.

We rise to the challenge of  crafting the wording for a campaign.

But before the process of crafting a million dollar message can start, a conversation is required.

Give us yell. We like listening, almost as much as we like writing.


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