‘Own the journey, not the machine’ – Mevo’s message hits all the right buttons

Mevo, a pay-by-the-hour electric car startup (though pretty well-funded) based in Wellington’s Biz Dojo, has excellent messaging – I can’t fault it.

Its message starts with its name – Mevo. This looks both novel and familiar – and is in fact the word move, with the ‘e’ and ‘o’ reversed…hence Mevo.

In eight words it describes exactly what it is, what it provides.

‘App-based, on-demand access to electric vehicles’.

Mevo’s created a million dollar message (in fact a number of them)…now to prove its business model

Emotion-based message

Finally (among admittedly many messages), Mevo has an emotion-based reminder of what’s in it for their customers.

‘Own the journey, not the machine’.

You can easily imagine one, or all, of these expressions being effortlessly and unashamedly being said at a BBQ. Just as importantly they can roll off the tongue at a business function (both of which are spot-on indicators that a message is on point).

As well as tapping into the zeitgeist of the moment as we head to a world of non-car ownership, Mevo has nailed their million dollar messages.

The private company expects to have six cars in two pods (for pick up) around Wellington by the end of March. It is looking to prove its business model with 50 vehicles dotted around the city by the end of the year.

One thing that won’t let it down as it seeks (loads of) customers is its messaging.

Its choice of words are simple, emotional and appealing – three criteria vital to telling your story as persuasively as possible.

Excuse the pun; but Mevo has messaging that moves people to action.

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