Forest & Bird nail a value proposition with ‘Ours not mine’

As a value proposition ‘Ours not mine’ is a pretty emotionally powerful set of three words. Its Million Dollar Message is self-evident.

So hats off to the national organisation which also has a great tagline in ‘Giving nature a voice’.

value proposition
A strongly emotive set of three words makes ‘Ours not mine’ an easy to understand Million Dollar Message

The poster lines a design company’s window display I regularly walk past.

It may be a line that Forest & Bird has used a lot…but it is the first time I’ve seen it. (Apparently 50,000 people marched behind a banner with the proclamation in Auckland in 2010, so I am a bit behind the times).

Still, better late than never, and giving praise where it is due…

Resonating key message around its value proposition

Even without necessarily agreeing with the totality of Forest & Bird’s argument, this triplet resonates as a value proposition.

You’ve got to admire the clean simplicity of F&B’s message.

It is easy to remember, difficult to argue against.

It is a reminder of who ultimately owns much of the native forest estate in New Zealand – us.

It has a sense of collectiveness to reinforce the idea that we’re stronger, together.

Whoever thought it up must’ve been delighted when these words came to mind. They would have instantly realised they’d coined a Million Dollar Message.

Has anyone else seen another environmentally-oriented statement that’s as brilliantly effective?



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