A great way to start your story…the right name

Brandname as story
Good Natured Garden Services nails its first most important story – its name

The value of starting your business story with a brand/name that resonates with your product or service is priceless.

Conversely, giving a business an obscure name, which in itself requires explaining before you get around to telling people what you do and why you should care is immensely counterproductive.

In today’s attention economy, failing to immediately seize the opportunity to encourage a potential client to ask (in person, by phone, by the internet) “tell me more”, is like starting a 100 meter dash 10 meters behind everyone else.

So, observing a passing small truck emblazoned with “Good Natured Garden Services”, brought forth a mental tick of approval the other day.

It’s a great name on many levels.

Firstly, I know what they do – garden services.

They also answer a why, using a double-acting metaphor – good natured.

Good natured as applied to plants and your physical environment.

Good natured as in their philosophical approach and way of interacting.

You can’t help but feel a warm glow of understanding from their name – simply from getting their first most important story right.

Now, I don’t know GNGS from a bar of soap, or how long it took them to come up with their uplifting brand/name.

But it is a moniker that in four well-crafted words tells me virtually everything I need to know. They’ve nailed their name.

‘Good Natured Garden Services’ is a true Million Dollar Message.

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