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Look at the following picture outside Trade Aid’s central Wellington shop. Then check its tagline (which indeed is the first thing you see) Hand made change Three words that combine to make a distinctive, different and desirable message. Not only does it reflect the change that Trade Aid is helping to bring to under-developed economies, … Continue reading A tagline…nailed

Or, why your tagline needs to nail your company’s promise If your company name doesn’t indicate what you do, then the tagline, sometimes known as a slogan, is especially important. It needs to be distinctive and different; and that’s what makes it valuable. That’s because it is the start of your conversation with your customer. … Continue reading Would you start a story by giving it a misleading headline?

What do you think the billboard pictured below in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, is ‘selling’? You certainly can’t tell from its tagline – defined at as “a slogan or phrase that visually conveys the most important product attribute or benefit that the advertiser wishes to convey”. Well, if “Delivering exceptional customer experiences since … Continue reading So, what does CallActive actually do?

Many people are scared to use metaphors. Sometimes rightly. An over-used, too familiar metaphor is brushed aside and quickly ignored by a reader. But done correctly, a metaphor is like the first sip of a cold beer on a hot summer’s day…hitting the spot perfectly. And don’t think their use is a recent phenomenon necessitated … Continue reading Why you shouldn’t be afraid of metaphors

The problem with many messages, from taglines to web home pages, is they try to say too much. Instead of presenting one clear argument, a proof, of what’s on offer, you get mixed messages. For our relatively straight-forward minds, which are always attempting to sift and categorise information, this is really confusing. Indeed, such is … Continue reading Why your message can only have one central truth

As someone who, for a felted wool ball I tried to commercialise, came up with one name ‘Sheep Balls’, I’m only too well aware of the dangers of a poor brand name. A recent edition of The Economist has Johnson, a book reviewer, giving the once-over of Alexandra Watkins “infectious little book”. Watkins, the founder … Continue reading Getting your brand name right or wrong…it is where fools rush in

This is a blog, business and belief in better messaging. It is predicated on one main premise – we’re all selling something. Therefore, the messages, the stories, we tell about our products and services, matter. Why? In today’s instant and digital world, we have limited time to capture and hold people’s’ attention. We move on, … Continue reading Why your messages that matter, matter