We unearth your Million Dollar Message then bring everything in line with it, from web content, to blogs and social media copy.

Let’s find my One Central Truth!

Million Dollar Message Workshops

From $474
Part 1: Roadmap + Discovery

Where your Million Dollar Message hides

  • Insightful questioning of four clients
  • Client okayed report
  • See yourself as others see you
  • Clarification of what and who you are
  • Communications ‘lines of attack’, storylines
  • ‘Aha’ revelations
  • Report back on discoveries made during the workshop

From $523
Part 2: Unearth, Refine + Polish

Nailing your Million Dollar Message

  • Communications touchstone and ‘North Star’
  • Organisation internal rallying call
  • The persuasive reply to “what do you do mate?”
  • An answer to the ‘why’ of your business

Reconceiving web copy + content

Website copy

  • Align copy to Million Dollar Message. Ensure that your stories reflect and reinforce it
  • Underpin your offer so that potential customers clearly know what is in it for them
  • Persuade readers to explore more deeply, with the objective that they pick up the phone or email you

From $325

Department-specific Million Dollar Messages

  • Granularised ‘truth’ for individual departments; e.g. marketing, manufacturing, sales, R&D
  • Consolidated mini-stories as touchstones for departments
  • Aligned storytelling vehicle

From $345

Video pages or inserts

  • ‘Moving pictures’ to tell and reinforce Million Dollar Message
  • Improve Google rankings
  • Showcase your brand’s personality
  • Demonstrate your product

From $615

Promote, strengthen + distribute

Social media article

From $111

Blog post

From $111

Press release

From $355

Sales proposal

From $475

Power Point presentation

From $445


From $685

LinkedIn profile

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