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You might think there would be a degree of angst in blog ghostwriting – creating original social media content in helping business people tell their stories.

After all, the egos of many writers are attached to seeing their own names in print.

But, in my case anyway, it is the opposite.

Blog ghostwriting is the art of translating disparate ideas into a thoughtful story

Blog ghostwriting, on behalf of someone else allows everyone to win – the client, the reader (and potential customer) and me.

The ‘art’ of translation

Now, putting another person’s idea, in their own words and language is both tricky and rewarding.

Particularly if someone is trying to tell a story that has a technical bent, then simplifying without losing meaning can be a challenge.

However, ultimately I’m articulating someone else’s thinking.

The story is their’s – I am merely its translator.

(In that regard, ask yourself the question, do you ever see a translator’s name mentioned in the credits?)

Why I enjoy being an organisation’s unnamed storyteller (a ghostwriter) is:

  • It helps solve a problem (many companies start off a blog, but find it difficult to maintain)
  • The challenge of simply telling what are often technical stories, is a fantastic one to have
  • It helps me improve my own writing – which benefits both my clients and my own novel writing

At the same time, I’ve seen my name in print enough times that, while the thrill hasn’t gone, it isn’t the same as it was over 25 years ago.

Equally, having interviewed thousands of people over that time, many of them experts in their field – the opportunity for me to learn by tapping into their wisdom is tremendously valuable. The number of times I (mentally) go, ‘that’s a very good point’ while ghostwriting occurs quite often.

Sometimes I almost feel as if I should be paying for picking up such new knowledge.

In those cases in particular, if it is a new point to me, there’s a good chance it will be to a reader as well.