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You only get one chance to tell a story that is your own

Ever been at a function, say a BBQ, and asked someone what they do…their story business-wise?

Some people come back with, “well, we do lots of things.”

Immediately you begin to switch off.

That person has irretrievably lost their best chance to pique your interest. They’ve frittered their golden opportunity for you to ask “tell me more.”

It’s the same if you click onto someone’s website and you can’t instantly tell what they do, and more importantly, why you should give a rat’s arse.

Unless you’re some kind of digital depths train spotter you’ll click away to another site – and the products or service actually available on that website will never have the good fortune to receive your custom.

Your first story is vitally important

Which is why your first story, your initial message, is so vitally important.

It is why it is crucial to nail an expression that conveys your business “what and why”.

It is why you need to unearth a heart and soul and value proposition.

Because this Million Dollar Message is your encapsulated story, it can’t be, in fact it is impossible to be, created by brainstorming. It means it is a waste of time asking an advertising agency to come up with this statement.

Brainstorming won’t reveal the one central truth of what your story must convey.

Brainstorming can only convey a fictional account of your story – when in fact it must be memorable, poetic, enticing and above all true.

Only question-storming can both reveal and distill the essence of your story. Only question-storming can narrow down to the 2 -10 novel yet familiar words which enables a viewer or listener to literally or figuratively say “tell me more.”

Ten thousand words is easy. Ten words is extremely hard.

But those are your most important words – words that can make or break your business.

If you can’t figure them out yourself (and it is very difficult for us to see the wood from the trees), make sure you get someone who can help bring your most meaningful message to light.