Why your messages that matter, matter

This is a blog, business and belief in better messaging.

It is predicated on one main premise – we’re all selling something.

Therefore, the messages, the stories, we tell about our products and services, matter.


In today’s instant and digital world, we have limited time to capture and hold people’s’ attention.

We move on, quickly.

But maintaining that attention takes more than simply good writing.

Unless the right neurons are engaged in a reader’s mind, they won’t bother continuing with the message.

The good news is that today’s science and research indicate what emotional and rational buttons need to be pushed for a message to be considered persuasive.

Punchline uses a recipe – Secret SAUCE – as part of its good writing, to address critical triggers in how we think and perceive.

Secret SAUCE is a diagnostic and creation tool, that brings a research-validated approach to crafting your messages.

It is a tool that most people can use, and also a means to co-create messages – amplifying shared knowledge and skills.

By applying Secret SAUCE people can help build structure into the taglines, web pages, sales documents and other ‘stories’ you tell about your company.

Punchline and this blog will highlight effective messages, messages that work – telling a great story right from your first introduction to the product or service.

Part of the exploration will also show when persuasive messages don’t work, and why.

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