A tagline…nailed

Look at the following picture outside Trade Aid’s central Wellington shop.

A tagline that hits the spot

Then check its tagline (which indeed is the first thing you see)

Hand made change

Three words that combine to make a distinctive, different and desirable message.

Not only does it reflect the change that Trade Aid is helping to bring to under-developed economies, and more importantly the individuals and families that make up any nation.

But it also alludes to the (small) change required to purchase many of the products in the over 40 year old New Zealand business.

Trade Aid’s a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation, and imports over 3,000 products to go into 30 shops dotted around New Zealand.

And it has nailed its tagline, its promise.

It is one I’d love to have on my own CV, so the least I can do is praise it.

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